Enjoy the guitar photos!


Vintage Kramer Guitars Nightswan

Schoepher NightSwan guitar circa 1990.

This guitar was made by Rod Schoepfer using existing Kramer NightSwan parts.

Rod made guitars for Ritchie Sambora of the band, Bon Jovi.

The polka dot graphic was one of Kramer's better "simple" graphics.


Vintage Kramer Guitars

1988 Kramer Sustainer guitar owned by Andy Timmons of Danger Danger.

This guitar was commission by Andy's manager and girlfriend as a birthday gift.

Andy use to play the Flintstones theme live.


Vintage Kramer Guitars Bon Jovi New Jeresey guitar

1988 KRAMER Bon Jovi New Jersey graphic guitars made for and given

to each of the members of band, Bon Jovi. Hard Rock Cafe has two of the five.

Here are two more! The plaque on the guitar says:

Presented to

(Band members name)

with grateful appreciations

for your support of

Kramer Guitars

and our lasting friendship

Dennis and all of us

at Kramer


 Bon Jovi New Jeresey guitar Ripley

1989 Ripley KRB-5 5 string bass.

Steve Ripley was a "hired gun" on many levels, and yes, you could hire him to build you a guitar.

Many Ripley guitars were made with a combination of Kramer and Tom Anderson parts.


1988 Kramer Monsters of Rock guitars

KRAMER Monsters of Rock Baretta graphic guitars.

These guitars were never available for sale.

They were given away on tour by Van Halen as a radio promo.

Each guitar was signed by the band...Though there are some that managed to

get out of the factory unsigned. It is estimated that roughly 50 were done.


Kramer Dennis Kline graphic guitars

Vintage 1988 KRAMER Baretta guitar with Hindenburg graphic done by Dennis Kline.

In 1937 the Hindenburg exploded in Lakehurst New Jersey which is around

15 minutes from the Kramer factory in Neptune.

Makes this iconic image somewhat of a "local event" for the builders

and a great image for the rest of us to enjoy.


Kramer Dennis Kline Airforce 47 guitar graphic

Vintage 1988 Kramer Air Force 47 graphic on a Baretta.

Not really "nose art" but this airbrushed graphic contains an amalgam of graphics

on US Air Force aircraft. The clear coat over this graphic has cracked

which is common given the type and method of clear coating used.

This Dennis Kline graphic is thought to be a one-of-a-kind.


Vintage Kramer Nightswan guitar

Vintage 1988 Kramer NightSwan guitar in spectacular red sparkle!

Kramer also offered guitars in sparkle blue and a sparkle black....

but the sparkle red is the bomb!


1987 Kramer Mighty Mouse graphic guitars

1987 Kramer Mighty Mouse graphics on a Baretta!

"Here I am to save the day!" LOL!

This is one of the more common of the airbrushed graphics....But quite the looker.


Vintage Kramer Guitars

1987 Kramer Stagemaster Custom guitar with Dennis Kline graphic is thought to be a

one-of-a-kind. Kramer set neck guitars with graphics are pretty rare.

This guitar was most likely completed AFTER Kramer closed its doors.

Kline did not sign this guitar. (Not terribly uncommon.)


Vintage Kramer Guitars

1987 KRAMER P-40 graphic by Dennis Kline on a Baretta.

WWII fighter planes and nose art are somewhat common themes on 80's airbrushed guitars.

This one is thought to be a one-of-a-kind.


Vintage Kramer Guitars

1987 Kramer with a Knapp "8 Ball" airbrushed graphic on a Baretta model guitar.

This is one of the better Kramer graphics done.

This "Knapp" graphic is thought to be a one-of-a-kind.


Kramer Knapp graphic guitar

1987 Kramer Knapp "guitarship" graphic on a Baretta!

This is one of the more common graphics....But also one of the better ones too.


Kramer Baretta guitar

1987 Kramer Baretta with Dennis Kline graphic.

I am not a big fan of the "Fantasy Series Night Scene" graphics. Not my vibe.


Vintage Kramer Guitars

1986 Kramer Ripley KRB-5 bass guitar. Around 50 or so these were made.

Cool logo placement!


Vintage Kramer

Vintage 1986 Kramer Baretta with Dennis Kline graphic.

This is one of Kramers more common graphics...but pretty darn cool.

Great for using at 4th of July backyard cookouts. :)


Vintage Kramer Hard Rock Cafe guitars

KRAMER Hard Rock Cafe graphics painted on Barettas by Dennis Kline in 1986.

These are quite possibly the coolest airbrushed graphics done by anyone in the

80's There were supposedly four of these done.

1.) Breakfast. 2.) Lunch. 3.) Dinner. 4.) Dessert.

The desert guitar was shown to Eddie Van Halen at Madison Square Garden during their tour.


Kramer Floyd Rose Triax guitar

Kramer Triax model AKA Kramer Triaxe guitar.

Previously owned by author Michael Wright and used in Vintage Guitar Magazine!

This guitar was also used in the Boston Museum guitar exhibit. One of 12 or so made.


Vintage Kramer Floyd Rose guitar

1985 KRAMER Floyd Rose Signature guitar with Dennis Kline "Heavy Metal Target" graphic.

This is the only known Floyd Rose Signature guitar with a Kline graphic.

The "Heavy Metal Target" graphic was done in a variety of colors.

(Non-original Seymour Duncan pickups.)


Vintage Kramer Baretta

1985 Kramer Baretta in white with maple board.

These are pretty common in cream color...but white is VERY rare.

Maple fingerboard is a nice additional rare feature.

Barettas are a great, get it done, guitars!


Vintage Kramer Floyd Rose

1985 Kramer Floyd Rose Signature guitar.

These guitars are a lot of fun! The design makes changing strings a breeze.


Vintage Kramer Baretta

Kramer Baretta guitar from 1985 with a very appealing combination of features!!!!!!


Vintage Kramer Ripley guitar

Vintage 1985 Kramer Ripley guitar.

These guitars a quite a curiosity, but pretty useless for overdriven stuff.

The panned stereo separation doesn't work once primed into distortion....

that's probably why later versions of this model had on-board "hex fuzz."

Roland's GK2A made this guitar completely obsolete.

The Ripley model is the type guitar Edward Van Halen used on the terrific song, "Top Jimmy."


Kramer Grim Reaper guitar

Kramer Grim Reaper.

Made specifically for the band "Grim Reaper" for radio promo!

Made by the guy who made EVH's 5150 and 1984 guitars.

This guitar was bought from Billy's widow, Kim.


Kramer Baretta

Kramer Baretta with unique one-off "Heartbeat" graphic on a 1984 Baretta.

Kramer Holy Grail baretta Guitar

1984 Kramer Baretta model guitar which is also referred to as the "Holy Grail." Um, I'm thinking no.


Vintage Kramer guitars

1983 Kramer Pacer guitar with stupidly rare small banana flathead.


 Vintage Kramer guitars

Kramer Pacers guitars from 1982 and 1983 with "beak" headstocks in front of

Blue Sky's infamous mural, "Tunnel vision." Columbia South Carolina.

Note Rockinger bridges.


Kramer Guitars

1983 Kramer Pacer guitars with stock graphics.


Kramer Pacer guitar

1983 Kramer Pacer Special guitar. This is one of the earliest Pacers with a Floyd Rose bridge.


Kramer Pacer Carrera guitars

Kramer Pacer Carrera guitars with Rockinger Edward Van Halen tremolos.

These four top-of-the-line vintage Kramer guitars were the most expensive model you could purchase.


1982 Kramer Pacer Special guitar Vintage Kramer Guitars

1982 Kramer Pacer Special with EVH Rockinger tremolo, factory oiled neck,

and double white Schaller pickup.


Vintage Kramer Pacer Guitar

1982 KRAMER Pacer Special guitar with early spider web graphic.


Vintage Kramer Pacer Guitar

1982 Kramer The Pacer guitar.

The only Melga Purple "The Pacer" known to exist. Brass EVH Rockinger bridge!



Vintage Kramer Voyager guitar

1982 Kramer Voyager guitar with double white Schaller "Golden 50" pickups on a clean cream Voyager!


Vintage Kramer Voyager Guitar

1982 Kramer Voyager guitar in rare red and gold 3 stripe graphic.

Many of these multi colored graphics were done in different combinations of colors....

The combinations seem endless with a heretofore not seen combination surfacing

ever couple of months or so.


Vintage Kramer Voyager Guitar

Vintage 1981 Kramer Voyager guitar in ultra hip melga purple.

This is probably the only melga purple Strathead Voyager around! Killer guitar.


Vintage Kramer Pacer Guitar

1981 Kramer Pacer Special guitar. Very rare Schaller non-trem. model!

In fact, the only non-trem Kramer Strathead Pacer known to exist. Featherweight too!


Vintage Kramer Pacer Guitar

Vintage 1981 Kramer Pacer Custom guitar. One of the first Kramer graphics

in near MINT condition!!!!!!


1981 Kramer Pacer Custom guitar

1981 Kramer Pacer Custom guitar. This guitar is stained walnut.

The previous owner INSISTED the body was made of mahogany.

After about five minutes I gave up trying to convince him otherwise.


1981 Kramer Pacer Imperial guitar

1981 Kramer Pacer Imperial guitar in metallic blueburst with EVH Rockinger

tremolo!!!! This color is VERY difficult to accurately capture with a camera!


1981 Kramer Pacer Deluxe Guitar

1981 Kramer Pacer Custom guitar AKA the Pacer Deluxe model.

These early Strathead Kramers are considerably more rare that their

San Dimas Charvel Strathead counterparts!


1981 Kramer Pacer Special Guitar Vintage guitars

1981 Kramer Pacer guitar.

One of two vintage Rosewood board Kramer Stratheads known to exist.

Brass Rockinger EVH Tremolo. Double white Schaller pickups were often

used on early black and white guitars.


Vintage Kramer Pacer Guitar

1981 Kramer Pacer Standard guitar.

One of the FIRST wooden neck Kramer Pacer guitars. Catalog guitar.

Body is actually a "Walker" using the same control rout as the aluminum neck guitars.

This guitar could be called a prototype and was shipped to a dealer in England....It came back!


Walker Pacer Guitar

1981 Walker Pacer guitar (Made by Kramer.)

One of TWO known to exist!!!!

This is the predecessor to the Kramer Pacer that came later in 1981.


1982 Kramer Prototype guitar made by Paul Unkert.

Wood neck with phenolic fingerboard.

Paul made a batch of these only to have Dennis Berardi break them on the floor to make a point....

Well, at least one escaped the executioner!

The only wood neck DMZ made. This thing SOUNDS great.


Vintage Kramer Prototype

This is an unknown. May have been made by Phil Petillo.

Precision is BEYOND belief!!!!!

Bridge is hand milled and countersunk into body.

Pickups are countersunk too!!!







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