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48 hour approval on SOME eBay & Reverb items.

Check item description.


Shipments are "typically" sent each Monday.

(Otherwise your widget will sit in a warehouse over the weekend!)


Any rush "priority" shipments MAY add up to $75.00

in addition to the shipping charges.



Grading scale used for our guitars.

100% Mint Unused condition. (May need cleaning, depending on age.)
95% Near mint Slightest amount of use.
90% Excellent Shows signs of use but overall has nice appearance.
80% Very good Minor scratches, dings and wear. Slight issues.
70% Good Visible wear, possibly missing or replaced parts & issues.
60% Average Wear, some missing parts, multiple issues present.
50% Fair Substantial wear, issues, will require lots of work.
40% Poor Will require restoration.
30% Extremely poor Will require total restoration. May have little or no potential.
20% Junk May be useful for parts.







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