Brian May guitarist with Queen

If you have been to a football game you'll probably recognize this guys work!

Brian May has influenced the interests of Abalone Vintage owner Eric Ernest probably more so than any other guitarist.


Brian May's 1970's-1980's Guitar rig

Brian May's Guitars
The Red Special (AKA: The Old Lady, The Chap, The Fireplace, The Home Made Guitar)

John Birch Guitar (Red Special Copy)

Guild BHM (1983)

Gibson Les Paul

Gibson Flying V

Gibson Chet Atkins CE

Danelectro Longhorn

Ovation 12 string


Fender Telecaster

Fender Stratocaster

Halrfred acoustic

Gibson Chet Atkins CE

Washburn RR2V

Satellite Stratocaster copy

Greco Brian May copy

Brian May's Amplifiers


VOX AC-30 (Tan)

VOX Escort amp

Deaky amp

Mesa Boogie
Brian May's Effects
Rangemaster Treble Booster

Maestro Echoplexes

Foxx Foot Phaser (or Phasing Pedal)

Pete Cornish Treble Booster

MXR Pitch Transposer

Eventide Pitch Transposer

VOX volume pedal

Boss CE-1 Chorus

MXR Delay System II

Roland RE 501 Chorus Echo

Guild Brian May pedals (Not really utilized by Brian......But cool none the less.)

Brian May's Studio Gear

Neumann U-87 microphone

Various Brian May "styled" guitar replicas

1977 Greco Brian May guitar copy (Japanese)

1983 Guild Brian May guitar - Maple top! Sunburst!

1983 Guild Brian May guitar - Natural - Birdseye maple top

1983 Guild Brian May guitar - Stop tail!?

1993 Guild Brian May Guitar - Red Serial number 0002 & signed by Brian May

1995 Guild Brian May guitar - Red serial number 0001

1995 Guild Brian May guitar - Black

1995 Guild Brian May guitar - Non-trem.

1995 Guild Brian May guitar - Neck snapped off!

Guild Brian May guitar collection- Various - This will blow your mind!!!

1990's (Mystery) Brian May guitar copy. Made in England?

See Eric's Brian May photo - number 1 he took in August of 1980 at the old Charlotte Coliseum.. The first day he got his camera.

Brian May Photo - number 2 The Game tour.