Gallery of stupidly cool guitars


1960's Ampeg "Devil Bass" guitar


1976 BC Rich Mockingbird guitar - Rare Koa employee Jose Blass made instrument!


1977 Boogie Bodies Guitar - This guitar was in the 1979 & 1980 Mighty Mite catalogs. Lynn Ellsworth gem.

1978 Boogie Bodies Guitar - Koa with solid Rosewood neck. Lynn Ellsworth Van Halen style guitar.

1980 Boogie Bodies guitar - Walnut 23 fret model Edward Van Halen Floyd Rose Lynn Ellsworth Warmoth


1994 Chapman Les Paul copy - 1959 Fantasy Burst / '58 Futura replica guitar. Killer guitar!


1978 Charvel | Boogie Bodies guitar - Early San Dimas Charvel made from Boogie Bodies parts. Edward Van Halen era.

1979 Charvel Strat guitar - Another Charvel that is extremely rare! Wayne Charvel, Van Halen,  Grover Jackson era.

1979 Charvel San Dimas Star guitar - This guitar was on the cover of the 1980 Charvel catalog. Van Halen era.

1981 Charvel San Dimas Explorer guitar - Metallic plum finish with brass trem. Rare 5 digit serial number. Van Halen era.

1981 Charvel San Dimas guitar - Flame maple top with brass trem. Grover Jackson Edward Van Halen era.

1982 Charvel San Dimas Strat guitar - Van Halen black and yellow graphic VHII.

1982 Charvel San Dimas Tele Travel guitar - Hot Rod Flame graphic guitar. Grover Jackson era.

1982 Charvel San Dimas - P-Bass guitar - Maple body

1984 Charvel San Dimas Strat guitar - Van Halen Graphic Black and yellow Edward Van Halen

1986 Charvel San Dimas Strat guitar - Dragon Slayer graphic Pointy Head Kahler Seymour Duncan


1959 Danelectro Longhorn Baritone Guitar - Dean DeLeo Stone Temple Pilots


1980 Dean Cadillac guitar - Owned by Craig Chaquico of Starship.


1987 DiMarzio Super Strat guitar - Japanese 80's graphic.


1996 Electrofunken EL96 guitar - Serial number 0001 with TV yellow finish.


1950's Fender Electric Mandolins

1956 Fender Stratocaster guitar - Blonde with chrome hardware.

1965 Fender Musiclander guitar - Olympic White. Rare.

1979 Fender Stratocaster guitar - 25th Anniversay serial # 10!


1930's Gibson L0 guitar - With extremely cool war art.

1937 Gibson ESH-150 Double Neck electric Guitar DN. This is Gibson's first solid body guitar.

1938 Gibson EH-150 Lap Steel guitar

1938 Gibson EH-185 steel neck guitar

1940 Gibson ES-300 Archtop steel string electric guitar

1950's Gibson Electric Mandolin - Mahogany with sunburst finish.

1951 Gibson J-45 Acoustic Guitar

1958 Gibson Flying V korina guitar - Explore sister instrument.

1961 Gibson EMS-1235 Double Mandolin guitar. Rare Black double neck.

1964 Gibson Firebird I guitar - Reverse model.

1967 Gibson EMS-1235 Double Neck guitar - Barbara Mandrell owned.

1978 Gibson Les Paul 25/50 guitar - Killer sunburst top anniversary model.

2000 Gibson Futura guitar - Limed Mahogany finish.

2001 Gibson Flying V Custom Shop guitar - Historic model with Korina wood.

2003 Gibson Flying V Custom Shop guitar - Music Machine designed model.


1977 Greco Brian May Model guitar - Funky and sloppy attempt!


1955 Gretsch Roundup guitar - Rare left handed!!!!!


1980's and 1990's Guild Brian May Model guitars - This will blow your mind!

1993 Guild Brian May Model guitar - Stop tail!

1983 Guild Brian May Model guitar - Maple top with Natural finish!

1983 Guild Brian May Model guitar - Maple top with sunburst finish.

1983 Guild Brian May - Maple top! Sunburst!

1993 Guild Brian May Signature guitar - Serial number 0002 and signed by Brian May.

1995 Guild Brian May Pro guitar - Black finish.

1995 Guild Brian May Model guitar - Serial number 0001.

Guild 1995 Brian May - Natural.

Guild 1995 Brian May - Stop

Mystery 1990's Brian May copy guitar - Made in England.


Hamer 1978 Standard

Hamer 1978 Sunburst

Hamer 1995 12 String Bass custom monsters!!!


Heritage 1992 Les Paul oddity


Jackson 1984 Randy Rhoads

Jackson 1985 Randy Rhoads

Jackson Mr Atomic


Kramer 1981 Pacer Prototype!!!

Kramer 83-84 Classic headstocks in shop.

Kramer 1983-1984 Classic headstocks at Blue Sky mural.

Kramer 84-85 Banana headstocks

Kramer 1986 Liberty 86

Kramer 1980's Airbrushed & graphics

Kramer 1980's Voyagers


Brass Bridges 70s 80s Charvel, Mighty Mite, Schecter. DiMarzio, Boogie Bodies etc.

Floyd Rose 70s 80s Tremolo  -  First issues - 2

Mighty Mite 1970's Double neck  -   stupidly rare!


Mosrite 1960 Custom double neck


Oahu 1930's Outrageous pearloid lap steel set.


Premier 1959 Owned by Dean DeLeo.


1988 Paul Reed Smith PRS Custom guitar 10 Top Vintage Yellow.


1937 Rickenbacher Ken Roberts model guitar Rickenbacker Pre-WWII electric guitar.

1938 Rickenbacher Spanish Electro guitar. First solid body with mechanical vibrato. Pre-WWII electric.

1960 Rickenbacker 360 Capri guitar - The Beatles The WHO Surf guitar music

2000 Rickenbacker 460 guitar -   Surf green


Ripley 1984 Stereo guitar - One of two. Van Halen has one. Not a Kramer.


Ritz Serial numer 108. Cocobolo body! Very unusual.


Roscoe 1994 Various cool basses.


Schecter 1979 Strat - This guitar was made for the NAMM show.

Schecter 1983 Gary Moore's guitar!!!


Schon 1986? Schon Custom w/tags and letter from Grover.




VOX 1960"s Phantom XII Stereo


Zion 1980 Prototype guitar

Zion 1995 Phil Keaggy model guitar - Serial # PK 001 - Owned By Phil.

Zion 1995 Phil Keaggy model guitar - Serial # PK 004

Zion 1995 Phil Keaggy model guitar - Serial # PK 005

Zion 1995 Phil Keaggy model guitar - Serial # PK 008

Zion 1995 Phil Keaggy model guitar - Serial # PK 010

Zion 1992 Ty Tabor Prototype guitar

Zion 1995 Ty Tabor guitar Serial # 0001